Weddings Weddings Weddings!! We love them.

An incredible high energy five piece band that will deliver not only the correct music for the occasion
but will do it with style, finesse and professionalism. With a repertoire covering songs from the
50's to the most up to date floor fillers your guests will be dancing, rocking, waltzing,
singing, funking and air guitaring all night.

Showcase gig in the Morrison Hotel Dublin on Sunday 22nd May at 3pm, see ya there.

Irish Wedding

Wedding Music is extremely personal and we do our very best to work with the couple to ensure they have the right music and its also delivered the way they want it, or alternatively give us the nod and let us do what we do best. We have a vast level of experience playing all types of weddings, from restaurant receptions to large marquees and everything else in between. No venue is too out of the way for us and we relish the chance to see somewhere new on this fair isle of ours. We guarantee that a dance floor is never empty. Finally 1st dances require a personal touch, we have an extensive list of tried and tested songs if required or if you have something in mind or that is a must be sure to have a chat with us.

Corporate band Ireland

We do music, Very well, No matter what the party or event. We have also been known to turn up in some of the strangest venues as requested, wearing some of the strangest costumes, again as requested, we'll not mention the ABBA spandex incident and move on swiftly, our drummer Tim can fill you in all about it, ahem. We have played venues from the round room at the mansion house to an air-raid shelter. We have covered parties such as Christmas work parties, Team building party, Award Ceremony and special events parties. Each party will have different musical requirements which we can arrange in advance with organisers.


On any given night you can catch us playing a bar or club either just kicking back or playing a showcase. Keep an eye on the 'Check us out' page and come along and see us. Also have a look at our 'Setlist' page in advance and request some tunes you might like to hear played at your Wedding/Party.